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Decorated or printed glass and china have been appreciated for their beauty, form and longevity over thousands of years.

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Egyptians honoured kings and sent their masters to the next life with coloured glassware, such was the perceived value. The Chinese developed the firing of clay in kilns to produce porcelain. Practical everyday items were created as well as outstanding pieces of art that endure today. Over the centuries glass and china have been presented to visiting dignitaries as gifts of appreciation and friendship.

Specialty Glass Trophies & Commemorative Gifts

Sporting Trophies Melbourne

Today we continue this tradition by creating custom decorated glass and china, commemorating important occasions. Throughout our 70 years of operation we have specialised in creating unique decorated glass trophies, printed mugs and mementos for sporting clubs, family reunions, anniversaries, weddings, special events, schools and many businesses.

The perfect option for bowling trophies, golf trophies, netball trophies, cricket trophies and basketball trophies, Melbourne’s C. R. Hose Glassware can craft sporting club trophies emblazoned with team colours and engravings. A C. R. Hose Glassware custom glass trophy is the perfect way to acknowledge and commemorate the achievements of your sporting club.

We pride ourselves in preserving traditional glass decorating techniques, bringing them into the modern age through our high-quality commemorative glassware and sporting trophies for Melbourne and across Australia. Our expertise in the application of precious metals and enamels to china and glassware is well recognized for outstanding quality. If you are planning an event or involved in a club, we hope our site will help you.

Sporting Club Trophies With A Difference

Sport Trophies- Golf, Netball, Bowling Trophies

We specialize in decorating and supplying glassware and china used as sporting trophies throughout Australia – our clients love our work and we guarantee you will as well. Whether it’s for basketball trophies or cricket trophies, Melbourne’s trusted C. R. Hose Glassware provides beautiful, bespoke options for the events you wish to celebrate.

With decades of experience, we will create a unique sporting trophy for your club. Whatever your sport is you will benefit from our range of quality glassware and china beautifully decorated for your club. We offer Australia wide delivery. Call C.R. Hose Glassware today on (03) 9781 1966 to find out how we can help your club.